Workstation Auditor

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"Lanboss has created a feature rich SAM product that allows the management of just about every auditing process a business requires." - FAST IiS


Workstation Auditor…

  • Multi-Site Auditing
  • Over 700 Facts retrieved
  • Estate Evaluation
  • Easy Deployment
  • Integrated Database Server
  • Phenominal Reporting Capabilities
Workstation Auditor is the easiest, most effective way of getting the facts you need for budget planning, project management, insurance information and any IT project requiring system changes.
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The product is extremely easy to deploy in even the largest estates, with minimal supporting hardware being required. Workstation Auditor can be enhanced with additional modules, providing a single-point management solution for multi-site monitoring, management and security.


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When FAST IiS reviewed v4.22 of Lanboss Workstation Auditor, they liked what they saw, especially the scalability and modularity of the products.   A summary of their findings follows:

Key Strengths – Technical

  • Slick interface, easy to learn and use.
  • Uses own licensed database.

Key Strengths – Commercial

  • Very cost effective when it comes to 3rd party requirements due to the use of its own SQL database which can support up to 10,000 users on a single system, where the standard MS-SQL approach stops at about 1,500 - thus saving on hardware costs.
  • One stop shop that can be enhanced with additional modules to provide a true single point solution.

Download PDF files of the FAST IiS review on the products:
Read the review on the FAST IiS site.


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The most important question when defining your IT strategy or managing your estate is “What's out there?”.  Armed with comprehensive and accurate information about your estate, you will be able to make your decisions based on fact, rather than relying on old information or guesses, which is bound to lead to problems sooner of later.  Workstation Auditor obtains a comprehensive snapshot of your estate and presents the information using a dynamic console with integrated summary and reporting facilities.

The Console has a number of dedicated pages for Workstation Auditor information.  Click on the graphic to see a full sized view.  The example shows the data on a single machine.  The information that is available has been broken down into a number of (major) tabs across, in turn these are further detailed over a set of vertical tabs.  The grid below shows the major and detail tabs' contents.
Windows Detail Hardware Detail Applications Networking Volume Details Alerts
Machine Information General Installed Apps General Usage CPU Util High
Upgrade Readiness Processor Installed MS Apps UNC List Partitions Volume Space running low
Users Memory Running Processes Protocols Application Used
Installed Hotfixes Partitions Active Setup Servers Application Installed
Startup Information Disk Drives Network Sessions Application Removed
Services Video Network Shares Network Connection Lost
Power Network Clients
Devices Network Adapters
IP Address List
WINS Servers


It is all very well being able to gather reams of data about an estate, but it will only become useful when presented in ways that can be easily understood.  While the console Object View shows a single Workstation in detail, to give a more meaningful picture, Lanboss has included three mechanisms to bring this data out for review:

Reporting System

The reporting interface within the Console caters for a vast array of reporting requirements.   As well as having over 100 pre-defined reports available, it also has a fully fledged report designer such that users can create their own custom reports.  There are three basic report types:
  • Summary - Typically containing counts of instances of a given entity (like an installed application)
  • List - Containing one line of detail per object
  • Detail - Containing multiple lines of detail per object.
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The pre-defined reports cover a broad range of requirements, effectively highlighting different aspects of the collected data.  The graphic shows a typical output from the "System SMBIOS Information Detail" report.  The reporting tool is very powerful, even capable of popping up dialog boxes to refine a report detail, as found when previewing virtually all of the standard reports.  This is particularly useful when it comes to viewing detail reports and allows for reporting on objects of particular interest.  All reports can be exported to a variety of formats, including HTML, Excel, PDF and more.


The Proxy automatically summarises data found during an Audit.   In essence, it counts the number of unique entries within a specified data field, as part of its daily work.  For example, the application name.  This is very useful from a reporting perspective, as most of our decisions tend to be made based on counts of things.  The auto-summarisation process was created so that operators would get summary data back almost instantaneously, rather than waiting for the SQL server go through its tables to try and count instances every time an operator needs the information.  Clicking on Result Summaries in the Reporting Tab of the Console will bring up the summaries.
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The graphic shows the CPU Type Summary in the Summary Data view.  Clicking on the column headings will sort or reverse-sort by that column, this is useful to show the highest count or to switch to an alphabetic sort on the name.  The footer of all summaries shows the total count of unique descriptions and the Sum of the Counts.  In the graphic, there are 5 different CPU types and there is a total of 25 CPUs in the data.  As can be seen, the most popular is the 3.00ghz one.  The list is sorted by Description.
You can export summaries to Excel, PDF, image file, CSV, and more.  There are also two charting options that show a stacked bar or a pie chart, which are really useful for pasting into progress documents.

Technical Overview

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As with virtually all Lanboss products, Lanboss Workstation Auditor is built on a standard management platform, called Uniboss.  The Workstation Auditor has a single Child Module that runs as a service on the workstations.  It is a read-only agent that gathers up to 700 facts about the machine configuration and its running state.  
With the above, a lot can be deduced about an estate very quickly, it is often from here that a lot of projects will be spawned.  Over installation of applications, lack of patching, locally stored files and more are typical issues found.

Specific system requirements information can be found in the Uniboss section.

What Information is Retrieved?

An audit can contain the following types of information:

  • Hardware Platform including CPU, Memory, SMBIOS, local partitions (all types) and more
  • Operating System - covering all manner of service packs and hotfixes, services, device drivers etc
  • A workstation Image ID is generated to identify the source image from which the machine was originally built
  • Windows owner information, Product ID and installation/activation key
  • Installed applications and application suites
  • Track the number of unique workstation images used across the estate
  • Network Configuration of the machine including shares and users thereof
  • Network Connections the user has in place
  • The printing environment
  • Registry information
  • File Information by category
  • User sessions on this machine
  • Global system scanning for details like UNC references etc
  • Estate Valuation.
Pricing & More 

Workstation Auditor Pricing

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Node Count Full License £ Annual Maintenance £
50 - 99 15.50 3.10
100 - 249 13.17 2.63
250 - 499 11.20 2.24
500 - 999 9.52 1.90
1000 - 1999 8.09 1.62
2000 and over 6.88 1.38
  • The product is licensed per node, irrespective of user count
  • For new purchases, the 1st year of maintenance is included in the price above
  • All prices are quoted in Pound Sterling (GBP)
  • Prices exclude VAT or GST
  • Standard Terms & Conditions apply.


Download File
Lanboss End User License Agreement PDF
Lanboss Workstation Auditor Brochure PDF
Lanboss Workstation Auditor Manual PDF
EXE Installer for Lanboss Workstation Auditor
ZIP Installer for Lanboss Workstation Auditor
This product requires a License to work, if you do not have a one yet, please register and apply for a demo license