Specialised tools provide value added resellers with the ability to reduce costs, create USPs for their organisations or manage the solutions they provide to their clients.  Lanboss provides Adaptation of it’s own products as the fastest and most economical way to create custom business processing, monitoring, management or control systems for Workflow, Cloud, Virtual Desktop, Web and/or SaaS solutions.
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Adaptation uses pretty well any of the underlying technologies Lanboss has developed for its products as the starting point, then adds specific capabilities to produce your bespoke solution.  It’s a fast track approach that gives you flexibility with proven technologies underpinning your product. The commercial arrangement for the Adaptation relationship can bring in considerations for:
  • Rapid development to meet your project goals
  • Ongoing development, versioning, release control and support
  • Outsourcing the functionalities
  • Running the services
  • Anticipated product lifespan
  • Commercialisation
Although there may be many variations, the bottom line is that Lanboss is ready, willing and able to work with you to get your exacting requirements covered.  So, let’s talk!