Joint Venture

Lanboss Joint Venture Development is a partnership between your organisation and Lanboss.   You get that killer system business system you need, with Lanboss taking responsibility for the initial development, further product enhancements, running and maintaining the live system.  The joint venture gives you a significantly reduced rate for the development work, with an agreed payment mechanism for the transactions the system performs once it goes live.

It’s the most cost-effective and flexible way for you to get that elusive system, without needing to break the bank!
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Technology Base

Lanboss has developed a state-of-the-art business processing platform that supports CRM, Finance and Workflow, which can be configured to fulfil many diverse business processing requirements. It is highly flexible in its capabilities and how it can be deployed. Below please find a are of the technology highlights of the system:
Core Technologies and Service Providers
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Co-Located Virtual Machine
  • Cloud or In-House or Hybrid
Primary Development Technologies
  • Delphi / C++ Builder
  • Golang
  • NexusDB / MongoDB / SQLite / Interbase
  • Linux (Debian / Ubuntu)
  • VMware
  • MEAN
  • Superb DevOps
Native applications for multiple client platforms from single code base:
  • Windows (32 and 64 bit) - XP through 10
  • Mac OSX including El Capitan
  • iOS - iPhone, iPad
  • Android - Tablet, Phablet and Phone
  • Windows services
  • Custom API servers
Core Technology Components
  • Business processing systems based on tried and tested CRM and Finance and Workflow modules
  • Co-located cloud servers
  • Hosted services using AWS and/or Azure
  • Client technologies for common client applications across multiple client platforms
  • Advanced web interfaces for data capture, processing, tracking and reporting
  • Business to Business data communication by email automation, SOAP, XML and other conduits
  • Interfaces into web payment processors, SMS, Fax, eMail, barcode readers, scanners and much much more
  • Data synchronisation at record level, with variable database schemas
  • Automatic application installation, self-healing and updates.
Your business systems don't have to be all consuming from day one, the idea behind the Joint Venture is to allow for the easiest entry into the relationship, with the earliest possible delivery of the initial system.  Being a partnership, rather than a supplier and client relationship, your systems are dynamic and under your control, it will grow as needed and new features can be added as time progresses. 

The relationship itself can also be adjusted as time progresses, it’s all about flexibility.