With Co-Development, Lanboss becomes your development resource.  Applications may have become outdated or the original authors move on to other projects, leaving dated, cumbersome or faulty applications.  Lanboss is able to take your software to the next level, using the most up-to-date development technologies.  Fluent in complex multi-tier, multi-platform development, Lanboss has a broad portfolio of capabilities and is able to support, maintain, enhance or even redevelop your in-house applications.
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What technologies are available?

There is almost no limit to the technologies that could be utilised in your system, ranging from classic client/server, web front-ends, though cloud-based and onto mobile clients.  Whilst your system may not require all of these technologies in the first instance, it will be comforting to know that you’ll not be limited in the future.
Systems can be built to incorporate a wide variety of technologies including:
  • Cloud / Private / Hybrid control and business processing systems based on tried and tested technologies
  • Cloud service based using co-located servers - giving unbeatable security, accessibility and mobility for your home and field workforces, suppliers and clients
  • Advanced web interfaces for data capture, processing, tracking and reporting
  • Business to Business data communication by email automation, SOAP, XML and other conduits
  • Interfaces into web payment processors, SMS, Fax, eMail, barcode readers, scanners and much much more
  • Data synchronisation at record level, with variable database schemas
  • Automatic application installation, self-healing and updates.